Jimmy's is looking for YOU!   

We need Girl & Guy Model Representatives 


Free & discounted Sessions.  Amazing locations.  Photos to share with EVERYONE.  

Big Rewards.   Z E R O selling!

Are you fun, outgoing and socially connected?  We would LOVE to work with you!  We want you to experience being THE MODEL;  photographed in an amazing place where the production is stylized like a magazine photo shoot.  These photo shoots will not be at ordinary locations!  

Our Promise to you:

We never skimp on anything, compromise on our integrity, quality of images or provide our clients with anything less than the best we can give- and we'll expect the same from you.  If you are a person of great integrity, graduating in ANY future Senior Class in Colorado, love being in front of a camera, LOVE clothing and immediately share your photos with your closest friends:  YOU are the perfect candidate!  

We will schedule 'Model Monday' and 'Senior Sunday' events throughout the spring and early summer and we will need you to commit to attend at least two of these events.

(This part makes parents happy!)  You will get photographs to share online in all your social networks (yes, they can be private!)  You will receive significant discounts on any products created from these sessions and then 20% off EVERYTHING from your actual Senior Session 

AND, to help you earn your community service hours graduation requirements, we will encourage you to join us saving lives around the world by sorting donated medical supplies at my favorite charity, Project CURE right at their Englewood warehouse (and my hope is that this is even more significant to you than being a model!)

What We Expect From You:

#1  Have FUN!

#2  Pro-actively participate in at least 2-photo session events

#3  Share your photographs in all of your social networks and tell your friends about the experience

For Parents:

I am a professional photographer with more than 25 years of experience (my first paid photo shoot was in college in 1988!) and opened my current retail studio in Castle Pines Village in 2004.  I have been married for eighteen years and have three school age daughters and a son, so I completely understand when parents are skeptical of anything involving a business relationship with your child.  And my promise to YOU (parents) is that I will never create any photographs of your sons or daughters that will be anything other than that which makes you proud.  

The images created from these sessions will be used solely for studio and photographer promotions and will require a model release signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Our integrity is everything and we value the integrity of our clients just the same and we will never violate it in any way.  And, we are certain that YOU will love these photographs MORE than your child does!

This form is NOT a contract, is not legally binding in any way and submitting your application will be followed by a personal interview either at the studio or over the phone before you are accepted.  All information submitted will be private and never shared and be used only between us and you.  If you prefer to apply in-person, give us a call and we'll schedule time with you!

Are we still meant for each other?  Then submit your info below and we'll respond quickly!

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