I have officially migrated from my previous Blog address and wanted to debut with an appropriate tribute...

'Doc' & Connie Doehring gave my career & dream of being a photographer a big kick-in-the-pants in 1988 when they chose me to photograph their family. They soon became friends and mentors to me on many different levels. I count them as being some of the most influential people in my life- and I am certain that many of you also share in my sentiment.

Late last fall after a long battle with cancer, Connie was looking at potentially the last weeks of her life and I was blessed- and I say this with deep reverence and honor- to be asked to photograph her with her family for the last time.

When photographers are put in situations like this, we try our best to focus on the mechanics of the session and (try to) not let the emotion & power of the moment move from our mind & down into our heart. Why? Because we know how important these images will become and allowing emotion 'into the moment' can cause us to make mistakes and that was the last thing I wanted to do here. However, I caught myself pondering the fact that they had helped my genesis as a professional photographer and now... I am making these 'last' images for them. At the conclusion of our session, I was able to share this deeply important thought & memories with them and together we shared some hugs, tears and even some laughter as we completed the session and said our good-byes.

Connie went home to be with Jesus in November 2008.

There is much more I could write, but I felt it appropriate that the launch of this blog start with people who were the 'beginning' of Jimmy's Photography & that I share with you a favorite set of images of Doc & Connie. They definitely show their love for each other and their joy they found in the moment; I was blessed to be there with my camera.

Until I see you again in heaven Connie, thank you for loving me...