Question: Is there ONE place in your home that has:

- Lots of photos of people you love the most
- Crafts your kids have created
- Articles & cut-outs that have meaning to you
- the kids sports & activities schedules, etc...

If you think about it long enough, this place contains a proverbial "time capsule" snapshot of your life... for my family, its our refrigerator! And why not photograph it every now and then to capture what is truly going on in your life?

The only way that this is truly captured is for all of the items have lots of detail! You need to read and see everything just the way it is now, right? To do this, use your flash but photograph it slightly to the side to avoid flash-reflection off the surface of the fridge. You may even want to get really close (use your camera's macro setting- it often is the 'flower' symbol) and photograph both the top & bottom as separate photos. After each photograph, review on the back of your camera by zooming-in as close as possible to verify that you can see & read the needed details. (If you can't read & see the details, this really has little meaning, right?)
Take it a step further and create a collage in a scrapbook with close-ups of certain items that are especially memorable and then group them around the larger fridge photos. Do this every year and you'll have a great record or time-capsule image of what was happening in the life of your family.

Sounds goofy, but I am certain that all of my "Scrap-Booking Moms" will have the other mom's applauding their new creative idea (and I won't mind if YOU take credit for it!)

I have lots of tips like this and I promise to share later!