I'm not typically this revealing of my personal life, but I feel compelled to pay a world-wide-tribute to my courageous & amazing Mom.
Last New Years eve, my father unexpectedly left us to spend eternity with his Lord and savior.  It devastated me, my brother, family & friends.  And after 45 years of still-deeply in-love-marriage, my mom lost her husband and best friend.  Now if that wasn't enough, my mother was also diagnosed with stage-3 breast cancer.  For these things to occur in a lifetime- let alone within 6 months- its enough to break a person.  Yet, my mom has become a shining light to all by facing these tragic events of heartbreak and true pain with amazing grace- and I don't ever use that term lightly.  She'll be the first to tell you that she 'has her moments' but we often see a smiling face glowing with a positive, persevering spirit and an outgoing energy that is an inspiration to everyone around her.

Yesterday morning in the lobby area of  Lutheran Hospital, she and a friend played their pianos for all to hear;  great Christmas hymns & ballads to bring a little joy and hope to the patients, the staff and the saddened family members visiting ill loved ones.
I captured some images and moments of them playing and wanted to share this with the world and publicly tell her that, "YOU are my hero, Mom.  And in the face of all this grief, illness and uncertainty you show us all how to be Jesus with a simple message of happiness and joy."

I love you Mom...

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