The summer between my junior and senior year in high school was all about making money and having fun- relishing the last few months of not worrying about much of anything. In short- it was all about me and I remember that summer well.
I have met my polar opposite in Emily.
She spent most of her pre senior year summer in the earthquake & hurricane ravaged country of the Dominican Republic, serving and helping to educate impoverished children.
In the brief time I am blessed to talk & photograph great kids like Emily, my hope for this generation is buoyed by kids with a servants heart. The media wants us to think that kids today are the,'its-all-about-me-and-I-want-it-now generation.' I think this stereotype is probably the exception and not the rule based on the kids we meet here.
(And as a parent, I know full well that kids with great character don't just 'happen' because the proverbial apple never falls far from the tree. As such, Scott & Leslie: you are great parents. GREAT parents. And as a father of three young girls, I may be calling you for advice one day!)
So, this is a girl with beauty on the inside that actually overshadows her outside- and as you can see, that is saying a LOT... 


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