Do you have a child interested in modeling or acting? A great comp card is the absolute key to getting noticed. Casting directors can leaf through 50-100-500+ comp cards from applicants so in understanding this process, my goal is always to get at least a moment of pause- when they look at YOURS.
That's it.
I want that extra second or two when the casting director takes a moment- and then moves your card over to the 'consider' pile. That 'moment' alone is a HUGE deal simply because there are a lot of cute kids and beautiful & handsome people out there.  So ask yourself: how do YOU differentiate yourself from the masses?
We take great pride in making certain that your session images and layout are different- and gives pause- because you never know when that one extra second can change a career forever...

Call us at the studio for a quote and we'll help you like we have little Alexis: