Every year since 2006, I have had the blessed honor of helping Project C.U.R.E. by documenting the annual grand event, The Project C.U.R.E. First Ladies' Luncheon.  Each year nearly 2,000 ladies (and yes, many gentlemen) gather in the grand ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Convention Center in Denver to listen to our own Colorado first ladies as well as a featured first lady from a country desperate for help from Project C.U.R.E.'s resources of surplus medical supplies and their 15,000 passionate volunteers.  This year, the First Lady of Mozambique, Dr. Maria da Luz Dai Guebuza spoke on behalf of her nation and their need to save the lives of their citizens with the help from Project C.U.R.E.
With all the luncheon & event expenses generously underwritten by the worlds largest mining company, Rio Tinto, so ALL of the donations given at the luncheon went directly to the people of Mozambique through ship going containers full of life-saving medical supplies that their clinics & hospitals need.
When nearly 98 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to the need- you can imagine the good that is being done by Project C.U.R.E. all over the world.  It is a worthy investment for you and even your family to volunteer your time in their warehouse sorting medical supplies- you will have fun and take part in a global effort to literally save lives so please, GET INVOLVED!

First Ladies' Luncheon photos

First Ladies' VIP Party photos