I spent the 1987-1988 NBA season on the floor at Denver's McNichols arena with my camera.  Yes- with film & manual focus- via my trusty Nikon F3.  As a kid who grew-up worshiping NBA players in the 80s- and a dream to be a pro sports photographer- it was amazing.  I photographed Jordan, Bird, Magic & Kareem and almost every team & NBA star that played against the Nuggets that season. I was on the road to being the next Walter Iooss, Neil Leifer or Peter Read Miller.
That was until I began to realize that all the photographers around me were suffering from bad backs and a rotten disposition on life (it probably didn't help sitting next to a young, wide-eyed 19 year old kid who cheered more than I photographed the action).  And at the end of that season, I decided I didn't want to be them.  I came to understand that I didn't want a career working when everyone else was NOT, concentrating on getting 'the shot' that the guy 14-inches on either side of me probably got as well and then 20 years into a career, wondering why my 3rd wife divorced me & my kids hated me because I was traveling and never home.

This was not to be my path.

That was a really, really hard realization to face because it had been a dream of mine since I got my first SLR from my parents in 1983 and dreams of Sports Illustrated covers with my photo credit attached.
What I didn't initially anticipate was how my NBA floor experience would translate into commercial, wedding, family & child photography.  In respect to child photography: near the end of almost every session I get kids jumping, running and moving really fast- and usually moving towards me- and I rarely see great portraiture that has kids being themselves- in motion. (and rarely do photographers send parents home with kids in a good mood, ready for a nap!)
This image epitomizes that sense of joy, motion and everything fun about being a beautiful little girl with as much energy as she does personality .

And to think:  her parents & I can thank Michael, Larry, Magic & Kareem for this photograph...