I have yet to meet a high school senior like Dylan; Intelligent, outgoing, funny and loved by all.  And when I was selected to photograph this big personality- I knew I had better meet his expectations and adequately capture everything about him!
Dylan wore his collection of Caddyshack/Rodney Dangerfield inspired pants and shirts and it goes without saying: we just had a great time and made a lot of creative images.  Inspired by his pants, we created the top photo (below) in the studio with an idea of making him hang from a pole like a flag...  however, at his order appointment his mom and I conspired to tell him that these images, "just didn't look good" so he would hopefully forget about the photos (that was tough for me because he was disappointed).  We hatched a plan: I would photograph the Rock Canyon High School flagpole and put him on it.  His parents purchased a full-page Senior Ad in the Rock Canyon High School yearbook and I created the layout with this photo and their sweet tribute to their son.  I couldn't believe it but they all managed to keep it a surprise until the day he- and everyone else at the school- saw it in the yearbook.  Oh, how I wish I would have been there!

Back to his photo session: We talked and laughed all through his shoot and he told me about his notoriously famous crazy tuxes he had worn to prom over the years and his plans for his Senior year: He  had to overwhelmingly top all past-years tuxes in obnoxious zaniness.  He described it to me and I had to see it.  I wanted to so badly, I volunteered to photographed the entire entourage of friends who had gone to prom together for years!  It was a lot of work but tons of fun, so on this 'Throw Back Thursday', I salute you Dylan!