One of my all-time favorite projects was the opportunity to photograph the founder of Project C.U.R.E.  Dr James Jackson for both cover versions of his book 'The Happiest Man In The World'.  Not only is he a great writer with a memory like a steel trap of everyone he has met and everywhere he has been;  he is also a friend, brother in Christ and spiritual hero of mine.

(take a moment to read a previous post here: /jimmysphoto/2011/01/happiest-man-in-world-scenes-from-book.html)

I was excited to hear today that the Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards gave Dr. James Jackson a coveted 1st Place Winner for TWO Books:  'The Happiest Man In The World' and 'Love & Common Sense'  A total of FOUR book awards in one night:  Happiest Man received a First place award for autobiography/memoir category and Love and Common Sense received three awards: 1st place travel category, 2nd place cover and 3rd place non-fiction/experience.

Congratulations, Dr Jim!