It's Throw-Back-Thursday!

I was reminded today of a 'genesis' moment I had in my career as a photographer.  You know those moments when an idea of a photograph- that you can only see in your mind's eye- is perfectly realized in your camera?  This was one of those moments.  I had a vision for a baby portrait that captured a specific 'look' and with an emotional feel that is technically challenging but the results are sheer simplicity.  This image of little Elly codified that perfectly and was on display for years in my studio as a 30x40 framed portrait.  We now make this image a part of our sessions with all our 'Baby's First Year' package and everyone just absolutely loves them.  In fact- I have been told by business consultants that I should specialize in this session ONLY and photograph nothing else...
So, on this Throw-Back-Thursday:  Thank you again, Amy!  Little Elly's photograph is still one of my forever-favorites!