You can never go wrong placing beautiful girls amongst flowers- but it can sometimes look contrived especially when they're potted plants or look like just Home Depot 'landscaping'.  When we discovered this little hidden gem of a spot, I instantly envisioned Amanda lying on her back and looking up at me.  However we soon realized it was going to be very uncomfortable laying where I needed her to.  While her mom & I arranged her hair and I quickly framed-up the image it became apparent it was amazing.  When the image in my brain... matches the composition I see in my viewfinder... and is confirmed on the back of my camera's LCD screen, I get stupid-excited!  Like, to the point where my clients become a little concerned about me.  I rarely, RARELY allow my clients to see the back of my camera, but in this case I HAD to show Amanda's mom what I just captured so she wouldn't be TOO concerned about me and share in my goofy-glee.  And now it's even more stunning as a nearly final image that will certainly become a part of my studio gallery...  Thank you for lying on rocks & thorns for me Amanda- certainly was worth it, right?

Amanda's Session Video: